Clean & Safe Iceland

Clean & Safe

Keep an eye out for the Clean & Safe logo when exploring Iceland. The logo will show you tourism businesses who are working hard to adhere to government and publich health guidance following the COVID-19 pandemic. Clean & Safe Iceland is a self assessment checklist for tourism enterprises. Once the comanies have fulfilled the necessary requirements they receive the Clean & Safe stamp. The display of the stamp is a pledge to customers that all official regulations and instructions concerning cleaning and disinfecting are being followed and that employees have received special instructions and training.*

We hope that you will feel safe and secure during your stay in Iceland and that your experience will be enjoyable.

Clean & Safe Iceland is approved by World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC).

* The Icelandic Tourist Board manages the project Clean & Safe. Only companies that have met the requirements in the project's checklist may identify themselves with the Clean & Safe logo. The Icelandic Tourist Board does not supervise or audit companies that publish the logo as it is a self-assessment. The Icelandic Tourist Board is therefore not responsible if companies do not comply with infection control rules and/or relevant aspects of the self-assessment. Furthermore, the Icelandic Tourist Board is not responsible in the event of an infection in the relevant tourism company that publishes the project's logo.